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According to the American Bar Association:

Studies show that 55% of Americans die without a will or estate plan. Simply signing a will or power of attorney may be worse than doing nothing. It could cost a special needs family member their government benefits or result in an ex-spouse getting assets.

This is where a Living Trust can come in to help!

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Estate planning means arranging to preserve, manage, and distribute assets after someone passes or is incapacitated. It helps meet lifetime financial goals in a tax-efficient way. Also, it helps provide for survivors’ needs and handle property disposition.

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What is a Will? 

A will is a written document that directs the disposition of a person’s property after their death. A will nominates one or more personal representatives, sometimes called “executors,” to manage and distribute the estate. A will can also nominate a person to serve as a guardian and/or a conservator for a minor child or incapacitated adult.

What happens if a person dies without leaving a will?

Any assets in their estate will be distributed according to Arizona laws that designate which family members, or “heirs,” will receive assets.

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We work with an experienced independent law firm to provide you with quality advice and estate planning documents. You can have peace of mind, knowing you’ve properly planned to take care of your family.

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Does a Will Affect All Assets? 

Some assets aren’t affected. For example, beneficiary designations, transfer on death (TOD) accounts, payable on death (POD) accounts, community property or joint tenancy with right of survivorship, and assets titled in the name of a trustee are not affected.

Check who you’ve named as beneficiary on IRAs, life insurance, annuities, and/or retirement plans. You can also name beneficiaries for cars and properties. If you have these transfer mechanisms, those assets will pass automatically to surviving owners or named beneficiaries.

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Get Professional Advice On Probate For Your Family

We work with an experienced, independent law firm to provide quality advice on avoiding probate in your estate. Contact Safeguard today, we’ll help make plans so that you, not the courts, can choose where your assets go.

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What is Probate? 

During probate, a deceased person’s will is submitted to the court.  An appointed personal representative follows legal requirements and chooses how to distribute assets.

State laws govern probate proceedings. This includes laws of the state where the deceased person had their legal residence, and laws of any state where they owned real property at the time of their passing.

Does a person need a large estate to have a will?

No. Anyone who wants to choose how their assets are distributed should have a will. People with minor children can use a will to nominate a guardian and someone to manage the children’s assets in a trust and/or custodial account.

Who should draft a will?

It’s best for a lawyer to draft a will. We work with an experienced independent law firm that can offer advice on the best alternatives for your unique situation.

What is a holographic will?

A holographic will is a signed handwritten will. Including a date is optional, but it’s a good idea so that it’s clear which will is the most recent.

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What is a Living Trust? 

A living trust is an estate-planning tool that you can manage while you’re still alive. The original owner names a trustee (which can be a person, a group, or a financial institution) to carry out the trust contract once the original owner is unable to do so. The trust describes how to distribute assets when this happens.

Get Professional Advice On A Living Trust For Your Family

Protecting your estate and your hard earned assets is essential to giving you peace of mind. We work with an independent law firm to get your questions answered on a living trust. Contact Safeguard Estate and we can help you take care of your  family.

What are the advantages of trusts?

  • Saving money. Skipping probate can help your estate avoid fees and costs. In some cases, a trust arrangement reduces estate taxes for married couples.
  • Incapacity management. You can name a trustee to manage your assets if you’re incapacitated. This way, a court-appointed conservator isn’t needed.
  • Beneficiary protection. A continuing trust arrangement in a will or revocable trust can protect beneficiaries who are young or not ready to get an entire inheritance right away.

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